Constantly struggling with stretch marks is no fun, trust me. I’ve realized that you can have unflattering tiger stripes no matter your age the hard way, and have been dealing with them for years & years now. And although sometimes I convince myself that they are not as bad, I also crave for that ultimate solution which will reconstruct just some parts of my skin such as around my thighs & my belly. In all of this thinking & researching, I’ve discovered this cream. In this StriVectin SD review, I will cover it in-depth.

What Are Its Specifications?

  • Hydrating moisturizer
  • Wrinkle-fighter & their reducer
  • Ideal for stretch marks on any body part
  • Lightweight & non-greasy formula
  • Will help with wrinkles in less than 15 days
  • Will help with stretch marks in 20 days
  • Should be used twice a day
  • On a higher-end side

What Is StriVectin SD?

Well, this is actually a cream product which is used on your face & body. It is a luxury item in my opinion once you look at the price, but the price can be justified thanks to the StriVectin innovative technology & an unusual approach.

strivectin sd advanced

This cream is used and targeted towards your collagen production, which once boosted will leave a lot brighter, plumper, renewed & revitalized skin. The initial improvement starts to peek through around 3-4 weeks, but this is different for each person. Luckily, literally everyone no matter their skin type can use this product since it is suitable for oily skin, dry skin, combination, normal, sensitive and mature skin types.

How And Where To Use It?

This depends on the body part & your concern/targeted area. 

For stretch marks, you should use it morning and night on cleansed skin. Always massage the product in with your fingers, let it soak in, and then put some clothes on once it’s fully dry.

For wrinkles or fine lines, you should use a smaller pea size amount and smear it across your face morning and night. Massage the product in on any wrinkle-prone parts and apply your day or night cream before the StriVectin. Make sure that all products dry down and set into the skin.

Facts About The Company

At first, I didn’t know a lot about StriVectin, so I had to do my research to fully understand their beliefs. Along the way, I’ve found out several interesting things, such as:

  • This brand is cruelty-free, meaning that they don’t do any animal testing which is a huge plus on my end since I am an animal lover
  • All of their products are free of parabens, mineral oils, SLS sulfates, petrolatum and phthalates
  • If you the product accordingly and sparingly it will last you anywhere from 2-6 months, but this also depends on your targeted area and its surface

When Not To Use StriVectin

– Women who have acne should not apply this cream on their skin. However, you can & should always do a patch test to see if the product suits you before you use it on the rest of your entire face. This also applies to those who have allergies, sensitive skin, or those who are afraid of potential breakouts. 

– If you’ve had a chemical peeling in the last few days you should wait at least 2 weeks before you start using the StriVectin on top of your skin

strivectin bottle & box

– Shelf-life of all StriVectin products is (believe it or not) 3 years. This is great because sometimes I misplace my products and I find them on the bottom shelf of my closet (aka the Narnia), and I get so frustrated when I realize that they’ve expired, which is not and will not be the case with this one. However, in case it ends up laying around for more than 3 years in your closet, make sure you throw it away.

Does It Work?

Sometimes it can be hard to justify certain price points, especially when it comes to beauty & makeup items. However, I can say that this cream has won me over. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, leaf extracts, and NIA-114 formula.

Hyaluronic acid promotes healthy skin while reducing dullness and wrinkles.

Olive oil can help with premature signs of aging, while also giving you supple moisture.

The NIA-114 is an interesting ingredient which not that many brands or companies talk about, or even use for that matter. This is a component which can lift up deep wrinkles while retaining moisture, which women with dry skin definitely do need.

strivectin sd bottle large

And why do we need all of these ingredients in our skincare items?

Well, did you know that people have 15 distinct ways of expressing their facial expressions? We express joy, anger, sadness, and excitement with our facial muscles on a daily. And as we do, our skin remembers these steps, meaning that our smiles and the frowns can become wrinkles in a matter of years. StriVectin made sure that they target these lines and reduce their appearance in 20 days with the help of their high-quality ingredients.

My Personal Experience & Opinion Thus Far

So, one of the most interesting things that stood out to me so far was the fact that this cream was formulated with collagex-ce complex. This is a hydrating moisturizer which is targeted towards the production of Collagen I and Collagen III, which are known as ‘youth collagens’. Once improved, these two collagens will leave your skin with a lot more elasticity and firmness, and who wouldn’t want that? The company itself claims that their product could reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & stretch marks in less than 3 weeks by 94%! Even though these were high claims, I must admit that this collagen cream for wrinkles came through and that my results were visible around the third week.

However (spoiler) you have to be consistent, and you will need to repurchase the product to remain the results.

strivectin advanced bottle back

Would I Recommend It To Others

Well, the company claims that they’ve invested over 35 years of hard work, research, and constant trials trying to get the perfect formula. Since I have stretch marks on my thighs and on my stomach, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and how my skin began to heal in 20-30 days of using it. 

However, my main concern was that this cream wouldn’t have a dual-purpose, meaning that it won’t reduce fine lines & wrinkles for mature skin, while also erasing the appearance of stretch marks. The thing is that I don’t believe in multi-purpose products, so I was very skeptical about this claim.

Once I led it to my mom and told her to use it for 2 weeks, I got my answers back.

Her wrinkles were at least 50% better than before, and even she claimed that her skin felt a lot smoother & firmer.

Also, this allowed her to wear concealer for the first time in 5 years since there were no fine lines or unwanted bags & creases anywhere! She used this with a good cream for dark circles, and the results were pretty impressive.

I even ended up purchasing one for her because I wanted her to maintain the results, and I was able to justify its price point, without a doubt.

Pros & Cons Of StriVectin


  • Will help with severe stretch marks 
  • Can be used all over your entire body
  • Helps with wrinkles
  • Does wonders for fine lines
  • Has a soft & non-greasy texture
  • Doesn’t clog the pores
  • Didn’t break me out
  • Gives results in 3-4 weeks
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Can be used no matter your skin type


  • Not an overnight solution if you need one
  • Not recommended for acne-prone skin
  • Expensive

Overall Opinion

In the end, women who are struggling with severe dryness, unwanted patches, fine lines & wrinkles, as well as stretch marks should get this cream. It can be a miracle worker (as long as you give it enough time to work), and as long as you are patient enough. If you are someone who needs quick overnight results, this is not it.
I can fully justify its price point, but those women who are on a budget and who can’t afford to pay $100+ every 3 months should find a different solution (drugstore maybe?)

But for me & my mom, this is a winner!