If you’ve ever been to a serious yoga class, you may have noticed that the habitual yoga enthusiasts have toned, sculpted butts that pop culture has declared “yoga butts.” When done properly, a regular yoga routine allows you to use your own body weight to sculpt and tone your buttocks to give you the curvy, tight rear you want. More so, these yoga moves will also help stretch out your muscles as you tone your body and help improve your flexibility and mobility. By doing these exercises for 20 minutes about three times a week, you can tone your booty to perfection.

My Top Yoga Poses For A Bigger Booty

Modified High Lunge Pose

In yoga the high lunge is one of the poses that activated your glute muscles naturally but if you bend your back leg in the position you work your glutes even more. This is a typical forward lunge but instead of leaving your back leg straight you’ll bend it slightly. This will activate your muscles but you can increase the booty workout by locking your pelvic floor muscles (in the same fashion you’d do Kegel exercises). This will lift your pubic bone as well as your sternum. When those movements combine with the squeezing of your inner thighs and the squaring of your hips, your butt muscles will be getting quite the workout.

Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

This move activated your glutes in order to lift your body, keep it balanced, and to keep the body engaged in the pose properly. Since this is a balance pose it might be hard if you’re not used to doing yoga regularly. Start by standing up straight and finding your center of balance. Lift your right knee to your chest and with your right thumb and pointer finger grip around your big toe. If you’re balanced and holding tight slowly extend your leg forward while still holding on with your fingers. Make sure not to round your back as you balance yourself. Here, your glutes will help keep you stable providing you with a good booty workout.

Side Plank Pose

Like any plank position, this is a great full body workout but since this side plank pose really works the muscles in your butt for a great firming workout. This is a normal side plank position that other non-yoga strength workouts utilize. Simply balance yourself on one hand with your legs extended out to the other side while maintaining proper alignment from your shoulders to your toes. If you drop your hips or your buttocks too much, unnecessary pressure will go to your wrist and cause pain. Your body can only maintain straight alignment if your glutes are engaged completely. If you are advanced you can lift the top leg in alignment for more of a challenge.

Warrior III

In reality, all of the variations of the Warrior pose are great for firming up your butt but Warrior 3 gives your glutes the best workout. To start, stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart and parallel to each other. Reach your arms over your head and extend your right leg back straight behind you as you bend forward with your arms still out. Keep your extended foot flexed and maintain straight alignment from your outstretched arms to your extended leg. Your body should be parallel to the floor with your core and glutes engaged. Hold the pose for about five to 10 normal breaths.

Modified Chair Pose

The normal chair pose is similar to a squat but you don’t bend your legs as much. Keep your back straight as you bend your knees as if you were sitting in a chair. Push your butt back as far as possible while still keeping your body in proper alignment (hips under shoulders, feet under hips). This is the traditional chair pose but to better engage your booty you’ll have to modify it slightly. To do this, lift your heels about an inch off the mat while maintaining alignment. This will engage your inner thighs, your hips, and your butt. When fully in the position you can then do small lifts and dips where your butt will lower toward the ankles and then lift up just passed your knees. Perform several lifts and dips to really work your butt.

Can Booty Enhancing Cream Help With These Exercises?

Each one of these poses can add some great glute activating exercises to your normal workout routine. These can work in conjunction with your other butt firming workouts to engaged those muscles and create a firm and toned butt that will have you looking great in no time. They also work great alongside other products such as the many butt enhancing herbs. If you really want to skyrocket your butt gains, then you can try these alongside a good big booty cream.  Of course, nothing happens overnight, but stay working at it and you’ll be amazed at the results.