Most experts agree that running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do for weight loss and to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. However, running for muscle tone isn’t as straightforward as it is for weight loss. In order to figure out the best way to tone the muscles in your butt by running, you have to understand what running physically does to your body and how you can do it in a way that targets the areas you’re looking to improve which is, in this case, your booty. Once you know how to properly run to help improve your butt, you can make the necessary adjustments to your running routine to reap the rewards.

Does Running Make Your Buttocks Bigger?

It should come as no surprise that running will help your lower body gain more strength. After all, you’re using your leg muscles to propel your body forward. This doesn’t necessarily mean that regular running will help you develop more muscle mass, but you will notice that your legs will be stronger. As for your glutes (the muscles in your booty), they help out your primary muscles that are being worked. Running primarily uses the calves, your core muscles, and your hamstrings but your glutes, as well as your quads, help. The main function of the glutes while you run is to keep your hips stable, so you don’t fall or get hurt. If you don’t have strong glute muscles, you risk the chance of becoming imbalanced and getting hurt (strains or tendonitis).

You also burn calories at a high rate as you run. You’ll notice that you lose inches in different parts of your body including your booty which can help it look better and firmer. if can also help with cellulite and booty dimple,especially when combined with these solutions: When you combine a regular running routine with a healthy diet and other exercises, you can lose weight and inches at a high rate which can help you have a toned body including an improved butt. However, there is more you can do during your running routine to specifically target your butt.

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How to Better Work Your Butt

In order to work out your glutes while running, you have to change the incline when you run. You can do this on a treadmill with an incline setting, or you can climb steps or run uphill. The climbing motion activates your glutes in order to propel you up the incline. This movement targets the muscles in your booty to help tone and shape it while also building strength in your glutes. You’ll also be burning calories at a high rate which will help as mentioned earlier. This is ideal if you’re looking to lose weight from running, too. The more intense your running routine is, the more you’ll benefit from it. So, if you’re looking to simply improve your booty from running, stick to inclines or running up staircases instead of doing long-distance running or sprinting exercises.

What Also Helps With Butt Enhancement?

While you do this, it’s also important to remember that a healthy diet and further exercise is more than likely needed to improve your butt. Also there are many creams for a bigger butt that can help further. Resistance training can help you do this (squats, glute bridges, deadlifts, step-ups, etc.). If you perform these exercises twice or three times a week while also running properly, you’ll notice more of an improvement than you would with running alone.

As for your diet, lowering your daily calorie intake will help as will choosing whole foods over processed foods. Stick to fresh produce, lean meats, and natural dairy products. Stay away from sugar, starchy foods, and sugary drinks like soda or energy drinks. If you implement a nutritious diet along with resistance training and your proper running routine to activate your glutes, you can tone and improve your booty easily.