Everyone is looking for a curvier body especially a perfectly shaped butt. There is a lot you can do to get the booty of your dreams including exercises, a better diet, and even supplements. However, there are some instances where no matter how many squats and green leafy vegetables you eat you still can’t get the butt you’ve been trying to get.  Of course, there is butt lift cream that can help.

But if you aren’t getting desired results with these, there are butt augmentation surgeries available for men and women that can help you. Surgery should never be the first option, but cosmetic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of or something to be ridiculed by others. These surgeries are great options that can help you feel better about yourself and finally give you the body you’ve been working toward.

There are different types of butt surgeries available that do different things for you. There are butt implants, butt lifts, and Brazilian butt lifts. Each augmentation will be done differently and will provide you with different results based on your current body shape. To help you decide which butt augmentation surgery is right for you, here is a quick overview of each.

Different Butt Lifts

In general, butt lifts are when tissue is removed from around your butt to give it an elevated look. It’s similar to the effects of a tummy tuck. There are two kinds of butt lift surgeries available for those looking for a curvier rear—the Brazilian butt lift and the normal butt lift. While the names are similar, they are actually two very different procedures.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is actually not a lift at all. Instead, it’s a fat transfer from one part of the body to the buttocks. There isn’t any lifting involved; it just creates a fuller look. This type of procedure is minimally invasive and requires only small incisions for the fat transfer.

Thanks to the small incision, this is a popular option for patients. Liposuction I used to sculpt your body to help your shape look more appealing and injects the purified fat into your buttocks. This gives smaller derrieres a plumper look but doesn’t address sagging tissue or excess skin that can be present in people who have lost a lot of weight. If you’re looking for that particular result, the Brazilian butt lift isn’t a good option. Instead, a traditional butt lift is the better choice. Also, since this is just a fat transfer, there is a chance that the fat will be absorbed back into the body making this augmentation more temporary than other options.

Traditional Butt Lift

A traditional butt lift is an invasive surgery that requires the removal of fat, tissue, and excess skin. The skin is then pulled tight to give it a younger look and a less saggy appearance. There are some instances where the doctor might make sutures in the tissue in order to keep your newly lifted butt in position. With this traditional butt lift, there are four different procedures that can correct sagging and give you a lift. The first is an upper butt lift. This is the more intense option where a large incision is made across the top of your buttocks. Once open, the doctor will remove or move around underlying tissue to help stop sagging. This option is considered best for extreme sagging.Moderate or mild sagging can be fixed with another procedure where the doctor will remove tissue from the lower part of your buttocks instead of the upper part. The lower crease of the buttocks will also be moved up for a lift.

Butterfly Butt Lift

The next option is called a butterfly butt lift where the surgeon will make an incision starting at the center crease of your buttocks that moves outward. This isn’t so much a lift because all that is done is a tightening of the tissue. There is usually no repositioning of the tissue or any removal of anything. Finally, a lateral incision butt lift is where your surgeon makes a lateral incision on one side of each buttock and removes or repositions tissue and fat that way. This is done to try to limit scarring and can also reduce sagging in the hips that can make your butt look saggy. The traditional butt lift is a great option for a sagging booty that has fullness but needs a little help fighting gravity. The downside of this is that the scars from the invasive surgery can be quite apparent. If you opt for this surgery your surgeon will discuss your options with you and help you decide what will suit you best.

Butt Implants

Much like breast implants, a butt implant is a silicone mold that is inserted through an incision that gives your buttocks shape and volume. This is usually an outpatient procedure that only takes about three hours. The implants can be placed below or above the muscle. If you don’t have any sagging that you want to be corrected and are looking for a more permanent enhanced butt, this is a great choice. This can give you the hourglass shape you’re looking for without all of the work.

The great part is that these implants can come in different shapes and sizes so you can get the exact look you want. For example, if you’re looking for only a little bit of enhancement you can get a small implant, but if you’re looking for a larger rump, you can get larger implants. These implants can help you feel more confident now that you finally have the shape you’ve been looking for.

Natural Butt Enhancement

There are a many methods that can enhancement your butt naturally. For example, one of the best ways is exercise.  Along with this and eating correctly, there are also a number of great ways to boost the effects of exercise. There are some great creams such as these: https://www.tashanicolewright.com/butt-enhancement-creams/

There are also herbs that you can use to naturally set you on the right course for a great butt.

As you can see, there are plenty of surgical options for those of you looking to get a shapely butt through plastic surgery. Depending on what you want to have done and your body type, one option might be better than the other. Talk it over with your doctor and decide what is best for you.