With celebrities like Kim Kardashian running around with their perfect butts, it’s hard not to be envious if you weren’t born with such an asset. You can eat healthily, work out your glutes, and even take supplements to enhance your rear, but sometimes the solution can be something as simple as wearing clothing that improves your butt. Even if you already have a shapely rear, it doesn’t hurt to wear clothing that can enhance your bottom.

Whether you’re looking to try out butt pads or butt lifting underwear or if you’re simply looking for a pair of pants or a dress that can help you look curvier, there are plenty of options on the market to suit your needs. Here are some examples of clothing that can improve your butt and other options you may want to try out to enhance the look of your butt.

For the Medium Butts: Cocktail Dressesbooty dress

If you have a slightly curvy bottom, wearing a cocktail dress can make your butt look rounder and more prominent. This is because these dresses are tight around your hips and bottom enhancing the look of both. This type of fit also makes the top part of your body appear smaller which, by contrast, also helps your bottom half look bigger. This means that you can look curvier without having to do all those squats.

pencil skirtFor the Wide Butts: Pencil Skirts

If you have naturally wide hips and a wide butt that you want to improve the look of pencil skirts are a great option. They create shapely curves and flatter your shape naturally. These skirts are form-fitting and if you wear them with a loose blouse, you can create a nice contrast between the flowing top and the snug bottom. That contrast will make your butt more prominent, too.

For Round Butts: Skinny Jeansjeans butt

For those of you already have a nice round butt, it should come as no surprise that skinny jeans can highlight your curves and make it look more toned and perky. Luckily, the high-quality denim skinny jeans are also able to smooth out some of your less-than-flattering curves and flatten out other areas you’d rather not highlight.

For Flat Butts: Trousers

This kind of pants usually falls straight creating a slim silhouette that you might not think would do much for someone with a flat booty, but this kind of cut actually does help enhance your small rump. A properly tailored pair of trousers that fit you well can give your butt a natural lift and add volume in a flattering, not bulky, way. The trick here, however, is to make sure that you buy trousers that fit you perfectly and aren’t too baggy. You should also make sure the quality is high and that the trousers are cut properly (some can have too wide of a leg that won’t help your silhouette).

Butt Enhancing Underwear

While all of the aforementioned clothing items are great for specific types, not every occasion calls for a cocktail dress or trousers. Sometimes you want to have a curvy figure in your regular clothes. This is where butt pads or padded underwear come into play. Before you think there is something shameful or dishonest about wearing butt pads or padded undies, think about padded bras. Women wear these all the time to enhance their busts and they’re considered normal in mainstream fashion. If you’re ok with wearing padded bras (or the idea of wearing them), then padded undies should be no issue.
Butt pads are basically man-made inserts (usually made of silicone) that are fitted into the seat of a pair of underwear that is meant to create the natural look of a round butt. The underwear fits like a normal pair of panties and is unnoticeable when worn under clothing. There are also different types available on the market and they can make you look like your have been working out hard to grow a great butt.  Click here to see what else can greatly improve the look of your butt.

How To Wear

First, you can buy underwear with padding built into it permanently. These don’t need to be adjusted, and the padding is made to stay in place under your clothes, so you don’t have to worry about it moving out of place or bunching up oddly as you wear them.
Next, you can find underwear with padding that can be removed. These have pockets where you’ll insert the padding yourself. You can choose to wear them with or without the padding as you would a normal pair of underwear. Here, you’ll have to get the pads you like and put them in the underwear when you’re ready to wear them. Since the padding isn’t already stitched into the panties, you do run the risk of the padding shifting or lying unnaturally as you wear them.
When buying either option look for the best quality product and always buy one from a reputable store so you know you’re getting the best possible underwear that will look great every time you wear them.

dress outfit

Booty Enhancing Shapewear

Most women are familiar with shapewear that smooths out their ripples and enhances their busts. With all of the attention shapely butts have been getting, it should be no surprise that there is now shapewear available that can lift your botty naturally and help it look perkier and toned.
Butt lifting underwear is a type of shapewear that is specifically designed to lift your buttocks so that it is more prominent to give you a curvier look. Think of it like a push-up bra. The undergarment takes your natural body and simply gives it a little lift, so you look perkier without any type of lifting surgery. This is great for all shapes as it works with what you naturally have.

Luckily, these undergarments are easy to find, simple to put on, and comfortable for continuous wear. There are no pads here, so it’s great if you’re the type who doesn’t want to add anything to their figure and just wants to enhance what is already there. It’s especially beneficial for women who have lost a significant amount of weight or who recently had a baby and are experiencing some sagging due to the change in their body shape. Mature women who aren’t as firm as they used to be will also benefit from lifting shapewear.

Butt lifting underwear has specific cutouts around the butt cheeks that act as support for your buttocks that lifts them up and gathers the tissue, so they look perky. The surrounding fabric is elastic and stretches to enhance the lift. Whatever you do have naturally is pushed together and up to give you a curvier appearance without any padding.

There are different brands available on the market but the concept is relatively simple, and there isn’t much that is different from one brand to another. Look for fabric that is the most comfortable for you, sizes that fit your body type, and good quality products that won’t rip or lose shape too quickly. Also, make sure that the seams are strong and the cutouts are smooth. If you’re looking to wear these under tight clothing, look for seamless options that won’t show under your garments.

An added bonus of these undergarments is their tummy control. Shapewear naturally constricts the body and smooths out problem areas. You’ll be getting a butt lift and a flatter tummy all in one package with this option.

Whether you’re looking for specific clothing items that will make your butt look better or if you’re looking for a long-term solution that you can wear with all of your clothes, there are plenty of options listed here that can help you. Think about what is best for you and try out some options for yourself.